Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Creative Wind

I have hardly had a moment to catch my breath since I've moved my studio. A sudden rush of creativity literally took me over and would not let me rest... Finally it has subsided and now I'm feeling a little odd, like I should still be creating only I'm just not inspired anymore. Perhaps I will just take advantage of that and finally actually catch my breath. Please check out my Etsy shop to see the fruits of my labor.

The piece pictured above is available now in my shop. Its probably my favorite new piece. Its very simple and pretty different from most of the others. The pendant is a handmade porcelain lentil bead I bought from another Etsy artist at Summer's Studios. It's so beautiful. I accented it with small moss quartz beads and oxidized the silver wire to make it look old. Then I added a long sterling silver box chain from Italy.

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